We finally got to see Baby Hutch today! How very special it was! All looks good and healthy and I feel like I can finally sit back and enjoy the rest of the pregnancy! The baby was very cooperative and allowed the technician to get all the measurements and pictures he needed. His/her mouth was open the entire time and her hands were up by her face moving all around. Oh, I also started feeling movement last Friday night, what an amazing feeling!

I didn't know 3D would be an option for us, but the tech kept switching back and forth throughout the ultrasound. I think he/she looks like Brad :-)


Lynne said...

Oh my word! How wonderful to get to see these pictures! Thanks SO much for sharing them! I am so excited for you. :-)

kristen said...

That is VERY exciting! He or she is already adorable. ♥

Anonymous said...

I think the baby reminds me of your profile of when you were a baby!!!! The pictures are sooo sweet!
LOve, jenna

Mary and Justin said...

Love it sis! Is it baby HutchiNson? :-)