fun with our nieces

We spent the weekend watching my nieces while Jenna & Andrew jetted off for a quick early birthday get-a-way with Naomi (their youngest).

All weekend long whenever we prepared a meal, Emma Clare would run and get her apron and drag her little chair over to help

Maggi all ready to play outside

Brad taught Maggi how to play Chess - this is Maggi & Emma Clare giving it a shot

Meredyth & Maggi playing chess

Brad's niece Anna even got to come over for a playdate

Mother's Day visiting with Nanny

Emma Clare was quite the little model  all weekend. Not only did she change her outfits often, she also ran in each morning to put makeup on with me :)

Lynne ~ These pictures of Naomi are for you!


Anonymous said...

Awwwwww! They had the best time ever and these girls are looking forward to meeting their new little baby Hutch cousin!!
Thanks Sarah and Brad,
LOve you,

Hazel's mom said...

What a great treat for Andrew and Jenna! Looks like it was a treat for you and Brad as well. Emma Clare seems to have grown up so much since we were there last year. Hazel likes to help me cook too. And thanks from me to for the new pictures of darling Naomi!

Mary and Justin said...

They are the cutest in the entire world! Thanks for the pics! We miss our sweet girls!

Lynne said...

Thank you, thank you, Sarah! I can't believe Naomi! I had still been picturing her like her newborn picture. She is a dolly and I can't wait to hold her. :-)

Are you missing Ace?

kristen said...

What a nice Auntie and Uncle you are! Those girls are sooo sweet! And thanks for posting pics of little Naomi. ♥

Sarah Jane said...

These are so sweet - at first I thought she looks like Jenna - then I thought for sure Andrew! So, so cute.
Sarah Davis