6 months!

I can't believe that just 6 short months ago, our little one appeared in our lives. We can't imagine our lives without her and often wonder aloud to each other what it is we were even doing before she was around. She is THE light of our lives. She is such a busy body and continually lives up to her nickname of 'nosey rosey'. She enjoys spending time in her jolly jumper and rolling all over the living room. She likes having an audience and is happiest when she is near Brad or I. She is getting more and more vocal and the sound of her alto voice is my favorite sound in the world. She continues to have the sweetest disposition and is growing more and more curious by the day. She grabs at whatever we have in our hands and immediately puts it in her mouth. She is eating (2)6 oz bottles while I am at work (going about 4 hrs between bottles) and I nurse her once in the morning and 2-3 times in the evening. She seems to be showing signs of being ready for solids and we think we'll begin introducing them this month sometime. She usually goes to bed around 9:00p and sleeps until about 7:30a. A few things we don't want to forget... When she stops nursing, cranes her neck back so she can look at her daddy sitting next to me on the couch and just stares at him. Then she'll flirt with him, smile and nuzzle back down to eat. When I hear her wake up from a nap and she doesn't cry to get up rather i'll just hear her little voice, a few thumps and the sound of her playing with her crib toys. Her sleepytime giraffe. Her laugh.


5 months (a little belated)

Miss Adelaide has become quite the mover this past month with her biggest accomplishment being rolling over! We put her down on her back and she’ll either scoot herself around 180 degrees or  roll unto her tummy. Her 2nd biggest accomplishment is her ability to blow raspberries. When she figured it out she was Very impressed with herself and liked to practice all day long. Like I mentioned, she has become very active and continues to be such a little busy body. We usually find her completely sideways in her crib in the morning, playing with the little toys hanging on the side.  It took her a few times to figure out the jolly jumper – she would just kind of hang there and twirl around in it while chewing on the side of the seat, but she managed to figure it out and loves to practice her jumps now.  She also loves to spend time in her exersaucer. She has become quite the little flexible one with her talent being sucking on her toes while we’re changing her diaper. She is becoming very curious and I’m finding I’ll need to go hideaway soon while nursing her because she cranes her neck to see who just walked by, or where the sound is coming from, even if I take a drink of water she’ll stop and stare at me. I still nurse her once in the morning, then she’ll have (2) 5 oz bottles while I’m at work, then I nurse her on average 3 times in the evening. 10 o’clock is her predictable bedtime now and she’ll usually nurse or ‘slurse’ (sleep nursing) as we’ve affectionately nicknamed her nursing sessions that seem to take forever because she goes from eating to sleeping and back, the hour beforehand. She generally sleeps until about 7:30 or 8am. She still takes a longer (2 hour) morning nap then a few catnaps sprinkled through the day. A few things we don’t want to forget – She is so nosey! We like to call her nosey rosey because we swear she can twist her neck 180 degrees to see what’s going on. One of my favorite times of the day is laying in bed and listening to her jabber to herself in the morning, either that or her thumping herself awake! We keep thinking that every stage is our favorite, but  each stage just keeps getting better – she is such a blessing to us!