Our Christmas Tree

Last weekend Brad & I, along with Woody and some friends, drove out to Hudson to cut down a Christmas Tree - it was our second annual brunch at our house then tree cutting experience. As you can see we like the Charlie Brown-esque tree! :)


Super Tigger & Minnie Mouse

This is the only picture I took, but adorable!


The Fingerlakes

This is where we stayed, The Black Sheep Inn in Hammondsport, NY on Keuka Lake (one of the Finger Lakes). Only open since March, it was recommended to us by a friend. Note the Octagon shape of the house - the gracious Innkeeper, Debbie said this was a popular style in the mid-1800s. She and her husband Marc (a KSU Interior Design graduate) worked on the house for 6 years to restore it to its original state! We can't wait to go back!

A view of the vineyards and Keuka Lake from Dr. Konstantin Frank's Winery - the first winery we visited on our way in on Sunday.

A view of the vineyards and Keuka Lake from Heron Hill Winery.

Fall foliage above the Hammondsport Village Square.

Ravines Winery

View of Seneca Lake from Atwater Estate Winery.

Dano's Heuriger on Seneca, where we ate lunch. In Austria, heurigers are an integral part of Viennese life. It is said that friends gather to enjoy the casual atmosphere, to drink new wine from mugs and to share hearty, satisfying heuriger food served family-style. The chef actually came out and talked to all the tables!

View from our lunch table at Dano's.

Taughannock Falls in Ithaca, NY drop 215 feet and our one of the highest falls east of the Rocky Mountains.

Keuka Spring Winery on our rainy Tuesday.


oldies but goodies

Meredyth afraid of Woody....

Madelyn telling Meredyth not to be afraid
Gwen & Woody when he was a puppy
Maggi being adorable
Seth being adorable


my new hair

Not a great picture but it'll do for now


white water rafting

This is not a picture of me jumping, but I did jump off this rock:)


Pool Party

Last Sunday I stopped by Jenna & Andrew's and mom, Meredyth & Maggi were having a pool party. Check your email and let me know if you were able to receive what I sent you.

Maggi being strong like Uncle Justin:)


Woody Hayes

Today I had plans to meet an old friend for dinner at his house, so I stopped home after work to let woody out before I left for a few hours. Brad mentioned to me earlier in the day that Woody had been very lazy all day, just sleeping away and didn't want to go for a walk or play. I knew I was wagering a little when I didn't get home until 9pm...and low and behold Woody had torn every magazine from the rack up in to a million pieces all over the living room.


Family Vacation

The week before Mary and Justin left for Germany, they were kind enough to extend an invitation to the rest of our family (there's a lot of us) to share their week in a beach house. Me, my sisters Joy & Jenna, as well as Jenna's husband and 3 daughters took them up on this offer and made the long trek down to Oak Island, NC. It was a week of doing absolutely nothing but laying on the beach and reading a few books...it was tough, but we all made it.


living the sweet life in lakewood ohio

Last Friday (7/6) my brother and his family made the long journey from Chicago to China...they will be living in Shanghai for the next 3 years or so.

Last Sunday (7/8) my sister and her husband made the long journey from Chicago to Germany...they will be living in Hamber for the next 9 months to a year.

I'm creating this blog in hopes of being able to stay connected with the members of my family that are literally on the opposite side of the world.