vacation #2

We spent last Sunday to Wednesday in northern Michigan at a resort called Crystal Mountain with Brad's family. We had a wonderful time spent lounging at the pool, playing golf, paintball, visiting the sand dunes (by the way if you haven't ever been, I highly recommend - I've never seen anything quite like it!), taking walks, playing games in the evening and enjoying some of his grandma's infamous meals courtesy of his Aunt Jean. Oh and what first ever Hutchison "Hillbilly Hoedown" would be complete without games reminiscent of the many years Brad & his cousins (as well as his dad & aunt jean too!) spent at the Lorain County Fair?  It was a great get-a-way that allowed us to catch up with family we see not nearly often enough!


29 weeks!

I think it's finally setting in, now that I have the big ol' belly to prove it and baby Hutch is constantly reminding me of his presence with a kick here or jab there, the fact that there is a baby in there, our baby, is starting to feel real! I had an appointment with our midwife yesterday and she said all looked good, as far as she could tell baby was head down so hopefully it will stay that way! We've had a busy summer thus far and time has escaped me as of late. I can't believe in just a few short months baby Hutch will be here!

The nursery is starting to come together - Brad picked up the crib and changer the other night, we're just waiting on the crib hardware then we'll be able to set it up and I'll be able to do the fun decorating part! We have a mini vacation planned to Michigan next week with Brad's side of the family and we plan to make a stop at Ikea to check out their rocking chairs. Other than that, we're set furniture wise and then I'll just need to finish all the little nursery projects I've put on the backburner this summer!


glimpse of our week (7.3.10 - 7.10.10)

We spent the past week in Oak Island, NC with my family...11 adults (Joy's husband Eric couldn't make it) and 9 children ranging in age from 5 months to 16 years...we woke early, watched the dolphins perform for us, swam in the ocean, laid by the pool, cooked lots of delicious dinners, took family walks on the beach after dinner, watched fireworks,camped under the stars, star-tipped, played bocce ball, awesome ball & cornhole, read a few books, drove each other crazy, made lots of memories, and got to catch up on each other's lives....it was a rough week, but we made it ;-)