3 months!

read about her 3rd month here


remembering back

We had our friend Matt snap a few pictures of us a week before Adelaide was due (he also did our wedding photos). These were all taken the Saturday (9.25) before I had her (9.29) Didn't he do a great job?


Thanksgiving with the Liptaks

My mom decided instead of trying to please everyone's schedules on Thanksgiving day, that we'd celebrate the Sunday before instead. I think we're all pretty happy with this arrangement because we don't have to feel rushed and we're all fully able to enjoy the day since we're not worried about having to leave early. Plus it means we get TWO Thanksgiving meals - I won't argue with that!

the spread - yum!

spice cake - soon to be posted on naughtytastebud



baby book

Since I'm too lazy and lack the patience (& craftiness) to scrapbook, I'll be compiling a baby book for Adelaide here.


Adelaide Iris - 1 month old!

1 month

What a wonderful month it has been! We've watched Adelaide grow so much already (she's 22" long now!) and she's not quite our little newborn anymore. She has many more alert periods during the day and enjoys her swing as well as laying on a blanket and staring at patterns and black & white images. She's a great little eater and she's still nursing every 2-3 hours for the most part, but has treated me to a few 3 1/2 - 4 hour breaks overnight. We are enjoying taking her out and about now and she's behaved on her few restaurant & grocery store visits.

She is such a sweet girl with such a peaceful demeanor. For the most part if she's crying it's because she's hungry or needs her diaper changed. We've had a few fussy nights, but overall she's a pretty chill baby.

A few things we don't want to forget:
  • Her little sounds are the sweetest - she sometimes hums in her sleep and it's my favorite sound in the world.
  • She is so vocal! She's always grunting about something which has earned her the nickname of baby dinosaur from Brad - she'll be sleeping away in her swing then we'll hear her little noises and brad will say "is the baby dinosaur breaking out of her egg?" So cute.
  • Brad has come up with quite a few nicknames for her - most based on her remarkable 4 ounce weight gain in one day - quarter pounder, petunia (as in porky pig's girlfriend) and little piggy. He's also taken to calling her cricket (once again because of all her sounds), and naturally Addie.


adelaide's first month - so many visitors & outings!

Adelaide has been one lucky girl with all her visitors this month - here are a few I've remembered to take pictures of!

Ashley & Anthony

Uncle Randy & cousin Anna


Cousin Meredyth

Heather (my coworker - she's due in February!)

Our neighbor Victoria

My BFF Kimmie

Nicole (with Adelaide) and I with her daughter Sofia

Jerel with Adelaide & Brad with Sofia

Uncle Justin

Aunt Mary 

Uncle Jay

Her first walk in the Metroparks

Uncle Josh & Annie (at her first birthday party)

Alex's Birthday Party

Brunch at Grumpy's with her friend Sofia

Party in the park with Uncle Randy


brad or me?




Adelaide - newborn

A friend of mine at work gave me the idea to take a monthly picture of Adelaide in the same size 12 month onesie and it would be a fun way to look back and see how much she's grown. Of course, I didn't get around to doing this until she was 2 weeks old, so we'll just have to imagine she's a little bit smaller for this one...

If you like the onesie, a friend of Brad and mine (who we know through the local food group in Lakewood) makes the most adorable baby things! We bundled Adelaide up last Wednesday night and walked down to the library for her first LEAF night. She thoroughly enjoyed it and slept in the baby carrier the entire time. Anyway, our friend Amy was selling her baby stuff and I couldn't help but get Adelaide a few things!


glimpse of our first week as parents

We survived our first week home with Adelaide (and it's only taken me 3 days to find the time to put together this post!) and she's spoiling us because besides a few nights where she's been fussy between 10 and 1am or so, she's been pretty easy on us! We have adjusted to life as a family of 3 quite easily so far and are trying to savor every moment of it. I apologize, for all the pictures, but how am I supposed to pick just a few when each one is absolutely adorable?

This is how Brad & Adelaide spend many a nap time...

Hurray for Jenna's 4 girls = lots of cute hand-me-downs for Adelaide!

My favorite.

She's very peeky all the time!

This was after her first sponge bath where she ended up dirtier after her bath then she was before! (She peed on the towel & projectile spit up all over herself during it).

First walk - she slept even though the sidewalks are Very bumpy.

When she's fussy in the evenings, I find her and Brad sitting and staring at my nursing cover - the contrast of the light & dark colors is very mesmerizing to her!

First real bath - she didn't mind it at all

Her poor little bottom is huge in the cloth diapers we're using - hopefully she doesn't get a complex from it! I couldn't resist taking this picture of her ruffle bottom!

So shy!

Hanging on to daddy's collar...

A few things I don't want to forget:
  • When she cries it sounds like she's singing then ends it with a squeak - so it goes laaa squeak! laaa squeak! laaa squeak!
  • She has such busy little hands! When nursing she tries to help and always has her hands in my way.
  • She holds on to the rim of brad's t-shirt when he's holding her all snuggly on his chest, slowly stretching out each one of his t-shirt collars.