new nephew ~ zion emil jaweya

beautiful momma & baby

Proud big brother Samuel!



She is my favorite. She is so full of love, so full of energy, so full of life, just always in constant motion.

She is a full blown talker now. She repeats everything. EVERYTHING.

A few of my favorite phrases of hers:

‘I’m comin too’

‘ie ear’ (right here)

‘oh, whas this’ in a high pitched voice or ‘oo, whas that’? – to everything! She can go on for 5 minutes straight never running out of new things to inquire about – she is so inquisitive!

‘Nigh night’

‘I seepy’ (I’m sleepy)

‘ouside’ – she loves to be outside and hates to wear shoes (wonder where she gets that from!) she usually stubs her toe once a day and has a constant open wound on her big toe now L

‘I’m fast’ and will run as fast as her little legs will let her

‘va va va – I sing!’

‘buon giorno pricipessa’

‘daydu’ – thank you – very staccato like – she says this all the time, even when a thank you isn’t required (she’ll hand me something and then say it) such manners she has!

‘da way, da way’ – that way – little miss bossy pants likes to tell me which way we should go when we’re driving somewhere
‘miltie’ – milk – she sure loves her milk, and she sure loves her bottle. I recently switched the nipple to the sippy cup insert to which she cries and says ‘I no like it, I no want it’

listening to my ipod

unable to hide her nosey-ness at the playground

My favorite things:

When I leave her sleeping in my bed in the morning, then I just hear ‘mom’ and find her laying on my bed with her head at the foot of the bed so she can see when I come to the door

I sing ‘it is well’ to her every night at bedtime and she now joins in the chorus and repeats ‘my soul’…totally melts my heart

We also sing ‘Jesus Loves Me’ and she gets very excited to chime in ‘strong’ – she prepares in advance, raises her little arm high and pulls it down to form a muscle and shouts strong at the coordinating time J

Refers to herself as Addie

Likes to play with my bracelets ‘momma’s braces’

Helps me cook – will say ‘peas’ for me to get the stepstool out so she can play in the sink while I cook

Nothing calms her down more than being in my bed with me

Has the funniest sense of humor! She makes me laugh so much – she bows her head then slowly lifts it up and peeks out of the top of her eye – makes me laugh so hard!

Is such a little helper, I find her imitating me a lot, she likes to turn the vacuum on and off while I’m trying to vacuum.

Loves to jump on my bed after a bath – I’ll count to 3 and her little legs fly out from under her so fast and she goes ‘boom’ on the bed.

Mine & don’t – she learned these 2 words on the same day. Needless to say it was quite an interesting day.

She loves butterfly & eskimo kisses and gives THE sloppiest open mouthed kisses - she sticks her tongue between her lips and plants the slobbery-est kiss ever, and I love them.

Her favorite activities:

She loves to color and follows me around the house with her coloring book & box of crayons saying 'momma dolor too?' and hands me a crayon. We usually end up laying in the dining room on our bellies coloring together.

Building castles - 'I build castles' - with her giant legos

I love her so much ~ she keeps me so so busy and just when I think I'm going to have a meltdown myself because she hasn't napped all day and won't let me out of her sight, out of the blue, she'll run up to me and give me a huge kiss and I melt.