life lately

Reading ~ one of her favorite pastimes.

Here she is peeking at our neighbor's dogs in the backyard. 
She is such a nosy little busy body! 
When she hears cars pull in the driveway she will go running to the back porch to see who it is.

Helping momma cook.
Creamy Avocado Pasta is a staple in our house. She has it at least 3 times a week.



This post is long past due! I started recording these random Adelaide-isms in my notebook about 6 months ago, so some of them have already come and gone, but nonetheless I will record them as I never want to forget her sweet little disposition!

Moot = milk
mankie = blankie
Boot = book
Airmane = airplane
Walt = walk

She LOVES birds. Every morning when we walk out to the car, she points to the birds on the telephone wire and waves to them and says 'hi'. We also now have to turn her sound machine to the bird setting each night when she goes to sleep. She is also very fond of airplanes and will yell ‘airmane’ and then ‘hi’ and again waves to them – even when in the house if she hears one she’ll run to the window yelling ‘airmane, airmane!’

She LOVES the choo choo train - Her sitter lives near the railroad tracks and each day Zio & Adelaide take a short walk down to wait for the train. Her little ears are amazing too - while sitting outside at my parents I was talking to my nephew Caleb and Adelaide kept saying 'choo choo'...then we stopped to listen and could hear it way far off in the distance!

She LOVES music. Her little body is the cutest, very uncoordinated (wonder where she gets that from?!), but if there is music on she will clap & dance & run around in circles. I usually have some sort of music playing when we're at home, but my favorite time is after bath time, I'll bundle her up in her towel and we twirl around in the dining room - she likes to watch us in the mirror too.

She will copy my hum or hmmm when I can't find something and without realizing I make that sound, only to notice I made it when I hear her copy it back to me.

She rubs her blankie between her thumb and pointer when I rock her to sleep.

She is THE BEST snuggler, granted she kicks me in the head, but on nights I find her in bed with me I cherish the time and can't help but stay awake and watch her sleep.

When we were reading one of her flip books about animals she laughed hysterically when I told her that turkeys say 'gobble, gobble, boggle'...she then studied my mouth and repeated back to me 'dob doble dob'

Her favorite book was a curious George flip book, but is now Are You My Mother....she calls it the bird book. She always looks at me with concern when I read the page 'Did he have a mother?'

Probably my favorite thing she does right now is say 'here'. I can't figure out how to phonetically spell the way she says it (with a slight w sound at the end) anyway, it's my favorite thing she says. I will wake up to her handing me her bottle as she says it, or while on walks I see her little arm sticking out from the stroller handing me her bottle as she says it, or she'll take her shoes off and hand them to me, etc.

She blesses me when I sneeze or cough (bess-u) & thanks me ('daydu') when giving me something. It always makes me laugh that she thanks ME when she does something for me.

She gives so many kisses - She’ll even stop between sobs in the midst of a crying episode to kiss me.

She is obsessed with the moon – recently when she woke up in the middle of the night she saw the streetlight outside my window and in the midst of crying stopped and excitedly said ‘moon, moon!’

We went for a walk the other night around the block before her bedtime – it was an extra special treat because it was already past her bedtime, but it was nice out and she kept saying please so how could I resist!? - I let her walk all by herself instead of pushing her in the stroller and she had such a good time! She laughed hysterically at me when I skipped and her skip is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. She liked when I marched too.

She is talking so much! Repeating everything and she surprises me with how good she’s getting at communicating.

I read her ‘it’s time to sleep my love’ as the last book before I put her down every night – I’ve memorized it (or thought I had) and was reciting it to her since I turned the light out, well I skipped over the line ‘the otter utters by the lake it’s getting hard to stay awake’ and went on to the next phrase and she stopped me and said ‘otter’. Little genius I must say!

She loves my iced almond milk chai drinks I make and if she sees my cup she begs to have some 'juice'

On our evening walks she has to bring all 3 of her babies along. Every time I just grab one to take, but she insists we bring all three.

She constantly has boo-boos on her knees since she is ever so graceful like me....and I often find her giving her them kisses.

Hearing her speak Italian is pretty adorable and by far one of my favorite memories from a few months ago was waking up to her little finger touching my nose and hearing her little voice say in Italian ‘naso’ then my eyes and saying ‘occhi’ then mouth and saying ‘bocca’! Last week she asked to hold my hand in Italian (I love that she wants to hold my hand) - I only recognized the word for hand 'mano' from my very limited  (& rusty) understanding of Italian, but asked Zio & Zia about it and they just smiled and said how good she is at understanding it!