baby hutch's shower

I owe my sisters & mom a HUGE thank you for the wonderful shower they put on for us this past weekend. From the food, to the decorations to the favors, they thought of everything and made it so perfect! We are so overwhelmed by everyone's generosity and feel blessed to have you all in our lives - we can tell baby hutch is so loved already!

One of the many blankets my mom made for baby hutch - I especially love the colors of this one, that it has giraffes (my favorite) on it and it says "little buddy" on it. Adorable :-)

My sisters, mother & I

34 1/2 weeks!

We have a monthly supper club with our friends called Sunday Bites. This was a gift from 2 of the members, Matt & Erin. We can't wait for baby Hutch to be a part of the club!

By far, Brad's favorite gift!

A hanging growth chart made for baby Hutch - it's wonderful having an artist for a best friend! Thanks Kimmie!


33 weeks...eek!

Crazy to think I only have about 7 or so weeks left before the Big Day! I'm not sure how my body will possibly be able to stretch any more, but all you moms tell me it will! We had an appointment with our midwife yesterday and all's looking well. The head is still down (good baby) and the heartrate was in the 130's again. I could have sworn the baby's legs were in my right ribs (due to the discomfort I feel sometimes) but I've been told otherwise, I don't know how they can tell what the heck they're feeling in my giant belly! I'm feeling great still and besides my back and ribs hurting when I sit or stand too long, I have no complaints!

We got to tour the birthing suite we hope is vacant the day baby hutch decides to show up. No huge deal if it's not, we'll be able to deliver in an equally inviting environment, just not nearly as pretty as the birthing suite. We're looking so forward to the birth day and are finding comfort in just how on the same page we are with our midwife. I feel quite blessed to be able to have a say in this whole crazy process!


sneak peek

We have the nursery just about complete. As I previously mentioned, as soon as I get around to completing some artwork & the mobile, we'll be good to go. For now, here's a little glimpse.

Baby Hutch has become quite the wiggly worm and likes to spend a lot of time with her legs in my ribs. I love when Brad talks to her and she responds with a few kicks - so cool that she knows our voices already. I'm happy to say I'm still feeling great, just noticing I'm needing to rest more often. We are growing more anxious by the day and find ourselves trying not to wish away the time and instead focus on these last few weeks with just the two of us before we become a family of 3!