nursery update

We had a very productive weekend spent, among other things, finishing registering & painting the nursery. At the last second, I opted for a robin's egg blue-ish green, almost turquoise color rather than the lime green I had intended (to give you a better idea of what color it is, if you know my sister Jenna, it's her signature color). We're very happy with the way it turned out and we can't wait to finish putting the room together! Here's a peak at the nursery with the artwork my niece Madelyn made us for Christmas, I will post more once we get the furniture up!

I'm still feeling great and trying to take advantage of this time to prepare as much as possible for baby hutch. Brad can't quite understand what the rush is, but he's being a great sport and indulging me and all my ridiculous requests. I've really been feeling the baby more and more lately and look forward to the taps and waves of him/her swimming around in there. I've also realized that it's a really good thing we didn't find out what we're having, because if I knew I would be in big trouble buying clothes in preparation! While shopping for my cousin's baby shower (she's having a girl) I managed to find a few articles of baby girl clothing for myself (they were super on sale and absolutely adorable!). I justified it to Brad because 4 people have independantly told me they think I'm having a girl...so, based on how I'm carrying, do you have a guess?

21 weeks


Mary and Justin said...

Madelyn's picture always makes me smile! Perfect for the nursery. Can't wait to see how you decorate it all!

Anonymous said...

I really like the color and know this nursery will be a unique expression of your love for the little one who will be care for in it.


Lynne said...

My guess is that the ultrasound tech knows exactly what you're having... ha, ha! :-)

I also love the nursery color. Can't wait to show Madelyn her picture up on the wall!

kristen said...

You are looking so cute!

I love your nursery color! Are you familiar with this blog? http://jenloveskev.com/ she is due with a baby about the same time as you, and she is posting nursery pic ideas. Thought of you!

Sarah (naughtytastebud) said...

Thanks guys! We can't wait to get it all finished :)

And Kristen, no, I haven't seen that blog before, thanks for the suggestion, I love it!

Anonymous said...

i have an idea...BOY!!!


Anonymous said...

The nursery color is adorable. I think that I better get with the program. I haven't even let myself go in a baby store yet and you are already registered! I hope to do that in the next few weeks.

You are looking great, Sarah!

Love you,