how blessed we are

We had our long awaited appointment this morning and got to hear the heartbeat again...never get's old. Such a wonderful sound. As usual, baby Hutch was a busy little bee and wouldn't let us hear the heartbeat for longer than a few seconds and then it was gone. Now we are anxiously awaiting the scheduling of our ultrasound appointment (I should get to schedule this week sometime).

I'm feeling quite blessed lately as I learned (well really, finally get to announce) I get to share this whole pregnancy journey with two of my closest friends in the world. One is right on track with me (due 3 days after me, we've been friends since kindergarten and although we don't get to see each other often (she lives in Colorado), we can always pick up right where we left off) and the other is 7 weeks behind me. It is absolutely wonderful to have such close friends to experience this with!

We had our 4th birthing class tonight, which was all about the coach and the vital role they'll play during the natural birth we hope to have. I feel quite lucky to have such an attentive husband who is shaping up to be quite a good coach :-). We're still loving the class and I'm finding it to be  a weekly reminder/encourager that we can do this. The relaxation techniques (i.e. Brad massaging me while I'm lying completely relaxed listening to music) aren't too bad either...!

We haven't been able to tour the Holistic Birthing Center where we plan to deliver yet because the tours are on Wednesday nights too. We plan to visit once our Bradley classes are finished, but from the looks and sounds of it, I think we'll find it quite pleasing!

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Lynne said...

Sarah, I looked at the brochure you linked and it does look a really great place to have a baby! So glad for you to have this option. The place where Caleb was born had both the water and birthing ball options and both were super helpful to me. Thanks for sharing all this, it's so fun to get a little piece of your experience!