patiently waiting

I think we're ready. We have the nursery completed, all the clothes & blankets washed and ready to go, the carseat installed, a few meals and loaves of banana & zucchini bread packed away in our freezer and the hospital bag packed. Now I'm slowly but surely finishing up my "things to do before baby arrives" list which includes things like finishing my wedding album & washing down the walls - you know things that have been on my to do list for years but for some reason seem urgent now.

I originally intended to make the embroidery hoop art you see pictured above the changing table into a mobile to hang above the crib, but we just couldn't figure out how to securely hang it properly without worrying it would fall on the baby, so above the changer they went, I think I like them there even better though!

Everything seems to have fallen into place for us work & daycare-wise too. I will be returning to work in January (after my 3 month maternity leave) and I plan to work 4 days/week. Since I am one of 5, yes 5 (with the potential of a few more!) pregnant women at work, we have been asked to return on a full time basis. Luckily I work for a great company that stresses the importance of "family first" so as long as we get 40 hours a week in, they don't care how we do it. So in an ideal world I will work 4 days and then catch up on anything from home on my 3 days off. We met with our babysitter last week and absolutely love her. Her name is Lora, she lives a street away from us and currently watches one other little girl, Lily, who is 18 months old. She is Italian and speaks only Italian to Lily (anyone who knows me knows how perfect this is for me!) she asked if this was okay for our baby, which of course it is, I feel like we will need to pay her extra for the Italian lessons!

So now we're just patiently awaiting the arrival of the baby. Brad and I both feel like I'll go right on time (October 1st), but not sure if that might just be wishful thinking :) Other than feeling enormous, I'm still feeling absolutely great so I hope that continues these next few weeks!

36 weeks


Lynne said...

Hurray, hurray, hurray! We are SO excited and anxious with you to meet Baby Hutch!! The room looks great, I love the alphabet cards and the hoops on the wall by the changer.

Have you read the book yet? :-)

Anonymous said...

Very cute nursery...I didn't know anyone washed walls anymore! I did in the Spring. Ha-ha!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful room for the new little Hutch to come home to. As I read and saw each picture I could feel the love of the parents for this child.

So as Papa and Nannie await for the phone call saying their on their way to the hospital for the birth of our 10th grandchild, we will continue to pray and rejoice in the Lord.

T,V, W,I and G said...

Everything looks perfect, and you look great! Many blessings your way! Can't wait to hear the news!

kristen said...

The nursery looks amazing! I've always loved those La La Love You posters! How sweet they are. They hoop idea is very cool. How fun for Baby to get to look up at them.

We are praying for you!

Jon & Kristen

Mary and Justin said...

Pretty much the best nursery ever. So creative! Now we need our little niece or nephew to arrive.

Lynne said...

Okay, so I'm not feeling very patient anymore! Can't WAIT to see who this little one is!