baby hutch's shower

I owe my sisters & mom a HUGE thank you for the wonderful shower they put on for us this past weekend. From the food, to the decorations to the favors, they thought of everything and made it so perfect! We are so overwhelmed by everyone's generosity and feel blessed to have you all in our lives - we can tell baby hutch is so loved already!

One of the many blankets my mom made for baby hutch - I especially love the colors of this one, that it has giraffes (my favorite) on it and it says "little buddy" on it. Adorable :-)

My sisters, mother & I

34 1/2 weeks!

We have a monthly supper club with our friends called Sunday Bites. This was a gift from 2 of the members, Matt & Erin. We can't wait for baby Hutch to be a part of the club!

By far, Brad's favorite gift!

A hanging growth chart made for baby Hutch - it's wonderful having an artist for a best friend! Thanks Kimmie!


Lynne said...

Sarah, you know I am sad that the girls and I couldn't be there. We were definitely thinking of all of you on Saturday! Would love more pics! The place looks like it was really nice, and the decorations were perfect! I had a sneak peek of the favors before we left the US. :-) You look so good!

Hazel's mom said...

What a fun looking party! I love the colors. I keep seeing cute baby clothes and then frowning because I can't buy anything until he/she arrives... enjoy the last of your non-parenting weeks!