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39 weeks

I had my weekly appointment this morning and since I wasn't feeling any different I decided to not even get checked. My midwife was fine with it and said all is looking good for me still, we're just anxiously awaiting something to start. I'm pretty sure I've "dropped" but it's so hard for me to tell since I've been carrying so high all along...who knows?!

Since my appointment was at 7am and done by 7:15, I convinced Brad we should go out to breakfast for "one last hurrah" before baby makes an appearance. He of course went along with it, and I celebrated my no weight gain from 39-40 weeks (this was especially exciting based on my weight gain - which I care not to mention - from 38-39 weeks!) with a giant carrot cake pancake from First Watch. It was delicious. Brad drops me off at work afterwards and I settle in to work, wondering what the breakfast being cooked in our office is for. My co-worker Heather (also pregnant)  informed me our boss Debbie was having some sort of breakfast meeting so I thought nothing more of it. Then it's announced for everyone to meet in the large conference room - I've mentioned on here before that I am one of 5 (now 6 as of this afternoon's announcement!) pregnant women in my office, and I've also mentioned how wonderful my employers are - well this was a surprise shower for the 5 of us complete with Chris Cakes, fun presents, games and of course they had the husbands in on it too! Needless to say, Brad is a great secret keeper and baby & I were absolutely stuffed after our 2nd breakfast!

guessing the baby food flavors

 "vocon 5" modeling our "vocon mama" robes

the newest member of the pregnancy club joins our afternoon photoshoot!
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"vocon 6"

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Anonymous said...

Congratualtions!!!!!!!!Welcome baby Adeliad....sorry if I spelled it wrong!

Uncle Andrew