sneak peek

We have the nursery just about complete. As I previously mentioned, as soon as I get around to completing some artwork & the mobile, we'll be good to go. For now, here's a little glimpse.

Baby Hutch has become quite the wiggly worm and likes to spend a lot of time with her legs in my ribs. I love when Brad talks to her and she responds with a few kicks - so cool that she knows our voices already. I'm happy to say I'm still feeling great, just noticing I'm needing to rest more often. We are growing more anxious by the day and find ourselves trying not to wish away the time and instead focus on these last few weeks with just the two of us before we become a family of 3!


Anonymous said...

Love the baby's room! You Liptak girls are so creative!!!

From Renee

Hazel's mom said...

Adorable and soothing. I love the animals stencil, and are those the sheets that say you love them? Very cool. Lucky little one!

Anonymous said...

Is it a boy? Do you know? I am ready to knit as soon as I know...feeling good? ~napeirce@aol.com

Mary and Justin said...

I love it sis! It's so perfect and creative! Can't wait to see it in person!

sarah said...

Shalimar - yep those are the sheets, I love them :)

Aunt Nadine - still don't know the sex! Everyone's saying girl...can't wait to see what you knit :) Still feeling great!