Christmas 2011

What a wonderful Christmas it was - full of family and fun and lots of food! The older I get, the more I cherish each and every one of the family members God blessed me with and the greatest gift is being able to spend time all together with everyone, especially since it doesn't happen too often. 

Christmas Eve morning ~ best day of the year!

Mira & Adelaide were so excited to see each other they each, independently woke up to see each other and had a 1am playdate :)

um...what are we doing up right now? shouldn't we be sleeping?

Christmas morning :)

Beautiful girlies all dressed up for Christmas

love these 2 so much!

best $5 ever spent - her favorite Christmas gift - Dora spinbrush

love when she's so focused on playing

Uncle Justin - forever surrounded by the gaggle of nieces

The 2 oldest girl cousins with the 2 youngest ~ Mira, Madelyn, Adelaide & Meredyth

family time :)

Mary & Jenna

Justin, Gwen & Maggi

Papa and Samuel

Joy & Adelaide

Seth & Emma Clare

The boys ~ Caleb, Justin & Seth

so sleepy!

Photo of the Grandkids
take 1 - emma clare missing...

take 2 - hmm...emma clare running from the shot...

take 3....Adelaide's starting to lose it...

take 4...aha...Caleb got her!

lots of games :)

Naomi & Uncle Scott

me & sis!

jenna, me & mary

2 Very sleepy girls watching Baby Einstein

Looking forward to 2012 and to what God has in store for us!

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bandw said...

So happy you had a wonderful Christmas. You are so right about the importance of family. Enjoy the rest of the holidays. A big hug for Adelaide.