Last weekend we drove to NYC to surprise Mary for her 30th as well as meet little miss Mira. We had such a great time catching up with them. Can't believe we're all parents now! 

The boys with their little princesses on a walk in Central Park. It was SO cold, but the sun was shining so we couldn't resist getting out!

Love these two so much!

Signs Spring is near!

The proud parents!

Me & sis

Cleopatra's Needle (thought it was a cool looking monument)

he's not smitten at all...

LOVE this!

I love how it looks like Adelaide is leaning to get into the picture :)

Proud papas...

Adelaide loved seeing her newest cousin!

the babies...

Daddy dressed Mira in her fanciest outfit for their Saturday outing.

I love how alert she is, just studying everything!

Such a fun weekend - lots of walking & good conversations & good food...and of course relaxing.

We went out for Indian and they were perfect little angels until miss Adelaide's poop leaked out of her diaper (darn you disposables! - too hard to travel with the cloth...)...anyway leaked out of her diaper and I got to change her in the world's smallest bathroom on my lap :) oh the joys of NYC living!

momma reading to mira - so precious!

Adelaide loved Ace!

We got to catch up with an old friend too!

Good Night NYC - can't wait to visit you again soon!


T,V, W,I and G said...

sounds like a great weekend. what a nice surprise!

Mary and Justin said...

What an awesome, awesome weekend. Thank you guys so much. Now we just need to live closer together...

J, H, A and M said...

Super cute post! Loved all the pics.

Lynne said...

Loved, loved all these pics! So fun~ miss being with all of you so much!