nursery ideas & birthing class

Everyone who knows me knows how much of a planner I am and how impatient I can be. Brad is wondering what the rush is, but I can't wait to get the baby's room painted and decorated. In fact I was all set to start painting this weekend, but the weather doesn't look like it'll cooperate so we'll have to put on hold for now. Nonetheless I will give you a sneak peak of what we have planned.

We plan to paint the walls a brighter avocado green and keep the white trim. The furniture will also be white which will help keep the room bright and fresh. We're getting our crib from Brad's brother (yay for hand me downs!) and I'm thinking of ordering this dresser...

I absolutely love this pattern from Gap's organic mix & match collection - I wasn't in love with paying $95 for it though. Luckily I found it along with the bedskirt, both new, on ebay and was able to get them for a fraction of what the bumper alone cost from Gap! Can't wait until they arrive.
I found these wall graphics a while back on one of my web browsing escapades - God only knows what I was looking for, but I bookmarked this page knowing one day it'd come in handy. I just received them in the mail today (in white) which is why I'm anxious to get the room painted so we can get them up!

See above explanation on when I probably found this too. In all my time spent looking, I haven't found a mobile I love. Enter this idea. Seems easy enough...my best friend said she'd help me sew them. I hope it turns out!

Oh, we had our first session of our birthing class tonight and we LOVE it! We're doing the Bradley Method of childbirth - it goes for 12 weeks and we'll meet every Wednesday night for 2 1/2 hours. Initially I thought it seemed like a bit much, but after going tonight, I can't wait until next week!


kristen said...

I love it all! So exciting!

bandw said...

so happy for you both. the time will go by rapidly so enjoy every second.

Mary and Justin said...

Loving all the choices!!!