Baby Hutch...

...is scheduled to arrive October 1, 2010. Brad and I are absolutely ecstatic and can't wait to meet him or her! Despite some grumblings from family members :-), we want to be surprised and plan on not finding out the gender until the big day!

I made it through the first trimester and have been enjoying the nausea free, more energetic first few days of the second trimester. The first day of my second trimester coincided perfectly with the first beautiful day of spring here (actually more like summer weather we've been having!)...couldn't have been timed better. I'm really appreciating being back to my normal self and being able to be out and about after the painfully long winter we've endured.

14 weeks 4 days

Here's the first official picture we've taken of baby hutch. I wake up each morning not being able to see a bump at all, but by the evening I seem to grow a little one, not sure where he/she goes during the day, but he seems to be a little busy body. At our appointment with our midwife (Colleen) when we got to hear the heartbeat, we were listening away to the sound of the heartbeat, then all of a sudden THUMP, and Colleen said "ah that was a kick!"...he seems to be causing trouble already!

That's all our news for now!


Kimberly Soderberg said...

Yay for baby Hutch! And your cute little belly. :) Can't wait to meet baby!

Kristen said...

awww...such sweet sentiments! Congrats again, and you are adorable! : )

Lynne said...

Hurray! Looking forward to more waiting-for-baby news and pics on this site! Will Brad be posting too, or is he too busy with his stroller and carseat research?! We love you guys!

Brad said...

Lynne, do you have any idea how much equipment there is, and how many people want to tell you what they think about it? :-)

I do confess that one of my current favorite pastimes is going to Babies R Us and pushing empty strollers around the store, folding them and unfolding (timing myself) and pulling rocking chairs into the diaper aisle so I can ponder nappies in comfort.

I think next time I'll take a watermelon to strap into different car seats and then drop them off the roof.