an instagram Christmas

What a wonderful Christmas. We spent at Nannie & Papa's house. Adelaide was spoiled beyond belief and my favorite was her (with palms pressed against cheeks) proclaiming 'Oh my goodness!' with each gift. I love her so much.

New buggy & pack & play for her new baby, complete with homemade crochet'd blankets for her baby (from Nannie & Papa).

Cleaning caddy to help me clean :)

Cousins paying close attention to Uncle Scott to find out who would get the first gift.
Red sparkling finger nails to match momma's, while drinking hot chocolate & watching Polar Express....Santa Claus waffle for Christmas morning breakfast (that she only ate the chocolate chip eyes from)...snuggles with Trigger (dog cousin)

SNOW! she just kept yelling 'SNOW!!!'


Mary and Justin said...

Man do we wish we were there. Love the picture of all the kids looking at Scott. :)

Anonymous said...

We so enjoyed having Adelaide and you here.
It was wonderful to awake Christmas Eve
morning to watch Adelaide open her gifts and watch her scurry around playing and giving PaPa
orders. We love you and thanks for coming and spending time with us.

Dad and Mom

Kristen said...

She is such a little Lovey! What a blessing!