snippets of her

Hodgepodge of Adelaide-isms I don't want to forget....

‘Yah, sure’ in valley girl voice

Going down the stairs by herself, sits on the bottom stair, then runs ('so fast') out the door to the car –  I love watching her little body run down the driveway to the garage.

Dresses herself & puts on her own shoes – ‘my do’ – does not like me to help her. Very independent.  Isn’t too bad at it either, although she's spent a few days in inside out & backwards clothes, pretty amazing.

Woke up to her saying ‘momma’…’I love you’...then dozing back to sleep. I now wake up to her saying 'momma, wake up! wake up! i want out!'

love when she just stops, looks at me and says ‘hi momma’...although for some reason, she's recently taken to calling me mommy...

holds up the palm of her hand and says ‘I be right back’

ketchup = ‘cha-hup’  she loves it on everything (in true Liptak fashion). Caught her dipping her cucumbers in it.

'have it, have it' while holding out her hand when she wants something. She likes to sit on the back of the toilet and watch me get ready in the morning and likes to put on deodorant too.

i love the way she says thank you {thay-ang-ku!}

‘I big girl’

Loves to watch ‘mittie mouse’

Enjoys eating crayons, and likes to stick any small object in her mouth – I can remember sitting underneath the dining room table as a child eating crayons – why??? I also remember swallowing a penny I was playing with…

Knows the colors of the rainbow, but will answer ‘pink’ (with confidence) to any question color related or not. She can count to 11 – we'll count together sometimes,  I will say one, then she’ll say two, etc. fourteen always follows eleven, so we're working on that.

She is fearless. Will go on the highest slide and lean over the edge of the tallest platform on the jungle gyms at the park. She’s a little monkey too.

enjoying her new book nook in her toyroom

actually reading in the book nook instead of jumping on the mattress & throwing pillows all over the room :)


bandw said...

She is growing up so beautifully. You must be so proud of your little love, Sarah.

Kristen said...

She seems like such a mini you! :)

Hazel's mom said...

My favorite is the last picture, sideways in the slide. You're doing such a great job with her, Sarah - she's precious!

sarah said...

that is my favorite picture too Shalimar! Love that I was able to capture it. Wonder what the rest of the trip down that slide looked like...:)