so beautiful

I found this prayer for a daughter on this amazing blog. So beautiful ~ I want to frame for Adelaide's room....

a prayer for a daughter

Father who breathed into this daughter…

I pray for this girl being formed into eternity….

May the wind always be in her hair

May the sky always be wide with hope above her

And may all the hills be an exhilaration

the trials but a trail,

all the stones but stairs to God.

God, clothe this girl in a gown of grace

Grace, the only dress that makes beautiful,

the style of Your spirit.

Nourish her on the comfort food of the Word,

Word, that makes her crave more of Christ,

have hunger pangs for Him.

Enclose her in communion with You

You, Love who makes her love, who folds her heart into a roof

that absorbs storms for souls,

that makes her tongue speak only the words that make souls stronger.

May her vocation in this world simply be translation

Translating every enemy into esteemed guest

Translating every countenance into the face of Christ

Translating every burden into blessing

When it’s hard to be patient… make her willing to suffer

When it’s ridiculous to be thankful … make her see all is grace

When it’s radical to forgive … make her live the foundation of our faith

And when it’s time to work… make her a holy wonder.

May she be bread and feed many with her life and her laughter

May she be thread and mend brokeness and knit hearts

May she be dead to all ladders & never go higher , only lower, to the lonely, the least & the longing

Her led of the Spirit to lead many to the Cross

that leads to the tomb wildly empty.

Oh, and raise me, Lord, from the deadness of my own sins to love this beautiful girl like You do…

In the name of Christ who rose

and appeared first

to one of His daughters…


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Lynne said...

Amazing, Sarah. I've never heard this before, but I love it all. So good!