mother's day weekend

Mother's day weekend flew by and we had such a wonderful time. Mary, Justin & Mira visited and it was so fun to have so much family time! Friday we celebrated my sister Joy's birthday and the girls went out for dinner while the dads watched all the kids! What a great time to have one on one time with my mom and sisters...doesn't happen too often at all anymore with all the babies! Sunday we had Brad's parents & brother and his fiance over for Mother's Day brunch, then headed back to Jenna's for a cookout. The weather was beautiful and it was a lovely weekend.

Emma Clare holding her littlest baby cousin, Mira

mom & maggi

proud cousin meredyth with mira

proud nanny with the youngest of her 11 grandchildren, Mira Mae

maggi & adelaide - I love how much these girls love their new little cousins

naomi & mira mae

emma clare & naomi

jenna & joy with EC & Adelaide

samuel is clearly outnumbered by all these girlies! but he is so sweet with them!

my mom with her gaggle of girls & their girls (&1 boy!) on mother's day :)

again, proud cousin meredyth with mira mae

someone found some mud...

not sure what was so funny, but this might be my favorite picture

wonder what she's smiling about

sweet girlies maggi & mira

bathtime is even more fun with a playmate!


Anonymous said...

It was a very memorable blessed Mother's Day due to the fact that it was celebrated with all my beautiful daughters as mother's this year.

Mary and Justin said...

Mira loved her sleepovers with Adelaide and can't wait to have more.
Thanks for always making it so nice for us! Miss you guys so much.

Mary and Justin said...

Oh and totally craving that Indian food! Yum!

Lynne said...

My favorite picture is Adelaide reaching up to Samuel! Cute!