christmas 2010

We had such a wonderful first Christmas with Adelaide. She was spolied rotten by all her grandparents, aunts and uncles and we thoroughly enjoyed her first Christmas.We spent Christmas Eve with Brad's family and Christmas day with mine and it was so nice being able to spend each day only at one place and not having to rush around from house to house to see everyone. The day after Christmas we had a baby shower for my sister Mary, so needless to say we were all pretty worn out by Monday - ecspecially Adelaide - she fell asleep Sunday evening at 6:30p and didn't wake up until 4:30a to eat!

The older I get the more and more I cherish time spent with my family. We were excited to have Mary & Justin (& Ace) stay with us for part of their time here and it was so nice to get to have one on one time with them (something we do not get often at all!) Scott & Lynne & the kids got to meet Adelaide for the first time and it was so nice having the whole family (minus Mary & Justin who were on their way back to NY) over to celebrate Madelyn's 11th birthday yesterday. It all flew by in a whirlwind, but so many new memories were made.

All dressed up for Christmas Eve at Grandma & Peepaw's

Peepaw & the grandkids - Adelaide did NOT like the rocking chair.

All better in Peepaw's arms.

Anna & Addy

Christmas at Nanny & Pa's

Caleb & Samuel

Seth & Gwen the acrobats...

All partied out

Joy & Adelaide

Gwen, Emma Clare & Maggi all got matching outfits :)

Meredyth & Madelyn in their matching outifts...

Madelyn & Naomi

Nanny & Adelaide

All the grandkids on New Years day at our house 

Grandkids with Nanny & Pa


Anonymous said...

Yes, I also treasure each time we are together making memories. For the Memories are what helps me until the next time all of us are together again. Dad and I feel so blessed with our children and their spouses and all our wonderful grandchildren.Due to the camcord which Dad got for Christmas from everybody. We will beable to watch the Christmas and New Year vido when ever we want.


kristen said...

I LOVED this post! Adalaide is so precious I can hardly stand it! :)

kristen said...

Eeeks! I'm so sorry I spelled her name wrong! I mean Adelaide is so precious!