Adelaide - newborn

A friend of mine at work gave me the idea to take a monthly picture of Adelaide in the same size 12 month onesie and it would be a fun way to look back and see how much she's grown. Of course, I didn't get around to doing this until she was 2 weeks old, so we'll just have to imagine she's a little bit smaller for this one...

If you like the onesie, a friend of Brad and mine (who we know through the local food group in Lakewood) makes the most adorable baby things! We bundled Adelaide up last Wednesday night and walked down to the library for her first LEAF night. She thoroughly enjoyed it and slept in the baby carrier the entire time. Anyway, our friend Amy was selling her baby stuff and I couldn't help but get Adelaide a few things!


Lynne said...

Adelaide makes the cute owl onesie even more adorable! Looking forward to seeing her in it again next month.
~Aunt Lynne

Mary and Justin said...

What a great idea. I may have to steal it from you. She is the sweetest, we are so happy we were able to meet her.