Sunday Funday

It started off as a Sunday with no plans. We woke up semi early and decided to try a new chuch in the area. The pastor was my youth pastor from about 15 years ago, he's also the pastor that married us. He recently moved back to the area and started a church here. We met my sister Joy there and nephew Samuel - I think I'll be able to convince Brad to come to church every Sunday as long as Samuel is there - he held him the whole time :)

After church we met my sister Jenna, Andrew & their girls at Sweet Melissa's for lunch. They invited us to go to the Botanical Gardens with them. It was wonderful. The Orchid Exhibit is currently going on and it was the perfect place to be on the 15 or 20 degree day.

Lunch at Sweet Melissa's:

So many exotic looking orchids! :

Check out the little models:


Hazel's mom said...

Little cousin pictures - yaay! They're so cute. The one of Maggie is so funny, and Meredyth has such a pretty expression on her face. EmmaClare's a love too - such long hair! Only in an orchid green house could you enjoy a popsicle in Ohio in winter. :)

Mary and Justin said...

Oh we wish we could have been there with you all. The girls look like they've grown so much since Christmas. We need our Meredyth, Maggi and EmmaClare fix! Thanks for posting these pics!

kristen said...

How fun to see pictures of you all!! You are all so beautiful!