oldies but goodies

Meredyth afraid of Woody....

Madelyn telling Meredyth not to be afraid
Gwen & Woody when he was a puppy
Maggi being adorable
Seth being adorable


Mary & Justin said...

thank you so much sis! gosh do i miss our sweet nieces and nephews. it seems like yesterday we were all getting ice cream and maggi was running down the walk way being as adorable as anyone can be.

love and miss you

More Than a Feeling said...

so Mary is in Germany? I can barely recognize her... but I saw your face on your blog and you do look familiar... how much younger are you than Mary?

Thank you for letting me know what God is doing in your life. It makes me happy that what He is doing in my life can help another.

feel free to contact me by email if you want to... vanessa924@aol.com.

Press in to God. He'll meet you more than half way. =)

More Than a Feeling said...

and your kids are so cute!